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Devestator 249 Aerosol Can (Pre-Order for October)
2.5 oz
WE WILL BEGIN SHIPPING FRESH ESTROUS AROUND OCTOBER 6TH OR ON THE DATE YOU SELECT! A combination of proven scents plus some very innovative ingredients come together for the complete enhancement of this deadly formula! This product has been proven to draw out those nocturnal trophies that we all dream about. Devastator 249 is fast becoming a must have product for hunters Nation wide. 2.5oz's of pure devastation!
Size: 2.5 oz
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Deer communicate through an intricate glandular system. These scent glands are located on different parts of a deer's anatomy and use pheromones to identify individual animals. Both hormonal and sympathetic stimulation messages are sent between.

Pheromones released in a deers hoofprint can warn other deer of danger.

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